Big Media Eats Crow While Palin Plays Gotcha

The mainstream media continues to embarrass itself while trying to embarrass Sarah Palin. From whining about having to pee on the side of the road in pursuit of the family tour bus to the newest feeding frenzy over Palin's Paul Revere remarks, they are exposing themselves as a juvenile lot. Their latest schoolyard taunt even has the liberal press breaking ranks. The Boston Globe quoted Brendan McConville, a Boston University history professor admitting that Palin got her Revere facts right. What she's saying there is essentially right...When Paul Revere was stopped by British soldiers the night of his famous ride, he did say to them that the countryside is mobilizing and you've lost the element of surprise. Of course the liberal-minded McConville couldn't resist undermining Mrs. Palin by saying she was "lucky in her history as opposed to knowledgeable."  Andrew Malcolm of the L.A. Times also backed up Sarah's account That the Republican non-candidate, in fact, knew more about...(Read Full Post)