Attack on Hotel in Kabul by Taliban

This sounds an awful lot like Mumbai Redux. A band of 7 Taliban - some wearing suicide vests - broke into the tightly guarded Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday and killed at least 11 guests and security people before they were killed themselves. CNN: "We are still searching the hotel; the death number may increase," said Chief of Criminal Investigations Mohammad Zahir on Wednesday morning. Twelve people were wounded or injured, he added. "The situation is secure," Interior Minister Bismullah Khan said. By then, the top floor of the hotel was ablaze, but within a couple of hours, the flames were gone, though smoke continued to rise from the wreckage. Two security personnel were killed in the attack, he said. By dawn, security forces were allowing reporters to approach the hotel, and some guests were seen departing. I am doubtful we will ever get a full accounting of casualties from the Afghan government. Considering the fact that the attackers were going door to door in the hotel, it...(Read Full Post)