AT updated software teething period nearly over

When AT updated our comments and publishing software last week, we knew that there inevitably would be technical problems to be worked out. Unfortunately, many of the problems affected comments section, with would-be commenters facing difficulties logging in.  Also affected were subscribers to our RSS feeds. We are happy to announce that these problems appear to be resolved as of this morning. The reason it took so long involves the need to get a fix from the publisher of the comments software itself.  Owing to the necessity of "re-setting" the accounts of commenters, the comments of the past 8 days will not be accessible when clicking on a name to see the accumulated comments. However, the comments will remain on the archives, below the articles and blogs on which they were posted. Going forward, all new comments will be accessible in the commenter personal archives. The RSS feed issues were ironed-out yesterday. We apologize to readers for the difficulties, and hope that...(Read Full Post)