America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb

Across the landscape that is the United States in 2011, there exists among the citizenry an increasing unease and apprehension about the future of the country.  Unlike many in the gilded halls of Washington D.C., the state capitals or the faculty lounges of the universities, the reality of the nation's economic and financial status is intruding on the American people.  They instinctively know that all is not well and that those upon whom they relied to steer the ship of state have failed them. The genesis of America's financial and economic dilemma can be confusing and easily obfuscated by those whose primary ambition is to "basically transform" the country into a failed collectivist paradise.  The current occupant of the White House and an overwhelming number in the Congress and media continue to claim that by even further increases in spending, taxes and debt the country will eventually recover despite historical and current evidence to the contrary. Therefore, it is...(Read Full Post)