America's Poochatroopers

As a more or less self-appointed spokesman here at American Thinker for the military Airborne community, I thought AT readers might get a kick out of seeing some images of the newest members of that fraternity of warriors who leap into battle from an airplane in flight. This link was sent to me by an old comrade-in-arms, another Vietnam vet paratrooper. As soon as I saw it, I knew this needed to be shared outside the military community. There is something about warriors and dogs that seems to transcend all other relationships. In the midst of a combat zone, the presence of a tail-wagging, face-licking little four-legged buddy can have a stabilizing, normalizing effect on a soldier like nothing else. In Vietnam, my battalion acquired so many canine mascots that the colonel, acting at the behest of the medical authorities who were concerned the mutts might transmit more than just mange, put out a shoot on sight order for all dogs in the rear encampment area. As his radio operator, I...(Read Full Post)