'Adolf' Christie says NJ union boss

Hasn't this nincompoop ever heard of Godwin's Law? In an explosive tirade that fired up some demonstrators and embarrassed others, a national union leader went nuclear on Gov. Chris Christie, calling him a Nazi over and over. "Welcome to Nazi Germany," Christopher Shelton, a top official at the Communication Workers of America, told thousands of protesters today outside the Statehouse in Trenton. "The first thing that the Nazis and Adolf Hitler did was go after the unions." [...] The legislation (S2937) drew a firestorm of criticism inside and outside the Statehouse before it passed the Senate budget committee. "Any politician who stands up against collective bargaining, in this state or any other, is not a Democrat," Shelton said. "They're Nazis, goddamn it." That rhetoric immediately caused alarm among Democratic lawmakers waiting to address the crowd of more than 3,500 workers. State Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-Union) took the microphone after Shelton and rebuked him immediately. What...(Read Full Post)