About Those Pro-Weiner 9th District Polls

Much has been made of stories saying that the people of Congressman Weiner's district want him to stay. Let's look into this a bit further.  New York's 9th Congressional District is a gerrymandered creation, the result of New York State's previous population losses. The state has gone from 45 districts to the current 31, soon to be 29.  One recent 9th District poll was taken June 8th during the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Shavuis/Shaveis). The Orthodox Jews in the southern part of Weiner's district were not picking up the phone to answer calls the evening before or during that day of the holiday. As is, most polls use land line phones and call people who are at home during the day or early evening, i.e., a population skewed toward the unemployed on government assistance. I happen to have lived in the northern part of Congressman Weiner's district for many years. There are many first generation immigrants there. In previous years, this included a gamut from Holocaust survivors...(Read Full Post)