A Liberal defends Weiner

The New Republic's John Judis is one vexed liberal.  Judis, writing in the New Republic castigates Democrats as "weenies" for pushing Anthony Weiner to resign his congressional seat.  For Judis, Weiner's tweeting exhibitionism wasn't illegal, so why should Democrats give the heave-ho to the left's favorite, pathologically shameless attack dog?  As Judis puts it:  ...a sex scandal that involved no illegal activity-that is not a firing offense. A politician may resign out of embarrassment, as Representative Anthony Weiner did, but that doesn't justify other politicians from his own party, including the president himself, calling for his resignation. Judis' argument that Weiner's cyberspace flaunting wasn't illegal, hence, why all the fuss, points to -- shall we say -- the intellectual and moral decay that increasingly plagues the left. For Judis, moral judgment is, doubtless, a very private and subjective matter.  For Judis' sake, let's separate "moral"...(Read Full Post)