Will Bin Laden's Specter Still Hover Over American Life?

The death of Osama bin Laden has, for all its manifestations of superior American military skill and intelligence-gathering, left a resounding question: why did it take so long?  Ten years have now passed since the al-Qaeda-inspired attacks on the World Trade Center -- but eleven have passed since the attack on the USS Cole, twelve since the attacks on the Khobar Towers in Kenya, and almost fifteen since bin Laden ceremoniously declared war against us in his missive of August 23, 1996.In other words, bin Laden has been our deadly enemy for fifteen years, leaving a trail of mayhem and bloodshed that long preceded the devastating attacks of September 11.  Yet we could not -- or would not -- apprehend him.Part of the explanation for this is the wiliness of the man himself.  His famed slipperiness, honed for years serving with the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan, served him well in evading the scythe of American justice in the deserts of the...(Read Full Post)