UVA Afraid to Prosecute Lying Law Student

The Charlottesville university may have to add 'playing the race card' to its list of honor code violations.A 25-year old University of Virginia law student Johnathan Perkins wrote a detailed account of police harassment and racial profiling in an April 22 Letter to the Editor of Virginia Law Weekly. Naturally, the prestigious university began an investigation that culminated in Perkin's May 2 admission that he made the whole thing up in order "to bring attention to police misconduct." In the letter Perkins opens the discussion by offering his take on racism in America.The race problem in America persists. In most aspects of society (education, housing, employment, etc.), black people and white people live in two different worlds. As a result, most Americans are raised in racially sterilized environments.Then he shares with his "white classmates" an "all too familiar" story of biased police who wrongfully targeted him because he was black. As a...(Read Full Post)