Stammering the Future

President Obama may not sound very smart to you and his policies may not seem to make any sense, but that's entirely your fault.  You may think that when Obama stammers he is merely searching his vast brainy database for what he thinks you want to hear.  Or you may think Obama is trying to camouflage his true thoughts and his inner core beliefs when he stutters.  Or you may think that he is being disingenuous and evasive when his speech is halted by his internal search for the "right" things to say.  But something deeper is happening in Obama's cerebellum. Obama's computer like database mind is merely trying to weave together the exact words and phrases that we mere voters can understand; much like an adult relating the complex to an upset child. Welcome to the "new normal." How could it be that "the one we have been waiting for" is afflicted with the terrible malady of stammering?  History can teach us some valuable lessons. Despite Charlton Heston's clean...(Read Full Post)