PATRIOT Act Renewed - But is it Legal?

POLITICO reports that the House and the Senate have passed a four-year renewal of the PATRIOT Act:"The bill approved Thursday renews three terrorism-fighting tools that authorize court-approved roving wiretaps, access to business and other records relevant to a terrorism investigation, and the monitoring of so-called "lone wolf" terror suspects."The bill was shepherded through the Senate by Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said: "Although the PATRIOT Act is not a perfect law, it provides our intelligence and law enforcement communities with crucial tools to keep America safe and thwart terrorism."Gee! Isn't it incredible that Democrats once thought that the "Nazi" Bush and his evil Goebbels, Dick Cheney, were "shredding the Constitution" and turning America into a "fascist state," but now they regard the PATRIOT Act as a thoughtful, useful, necessary piece of legislation.  Reid even went so far as to accuse...(Read Full Post)