Obama COLB release and the polls

Obama's approval numbers have jumped in the two daily tracking surveys: from 46 to 50 in Rasmussen, from 42 to 45 in Gallup yesterday (and maybe higher in survey released later today).  Hard core birthers still don't believe it, but this issue is now dead, and has embarrassed Trump, whose bubble will likely end pretty soon.

Obama has had bounces before, and then his numbers fall off again. Weakening economy counts for more.  Quite a few in GOP establishment seem to be lining  up for Mitch Daniels, which may lead to him getting in the race. If he does, Christie won't and Ryan (who likes Daniels) certainly won't.

Rick Moran comments:

Obama looks so much bigger than Trump in this birther thing. My PJ Media piece said the same thing about Trump while everyone else was congratulating him for "drawing blood" from Obama. Little did I realize the extent to which Trump will go to keep his name on the front pages. Swearing in front of a live audience in Vegas shows how truly pathetic -- and pathological -- his need for attention is. You have to wonder what's next? Mooning the audience?

Ed Lasky comments:

The current issue of Business Week has a rundown of Trump's business history. Many failures there. His one big asset is his name that he peddles for money to grace the marquees of hotels, other buildings. The article was revealing.

Richard Baehr responds:

His casinos in Atlantic City are now, and have been for years, a disaster.  Now in third bankruptcy.  Once Pennsylvania opened casinos, Atlantic City (a dump of a place)  lost a quarter of its business.