King Obama?

I have read many articles characterizing President Obama as a King or King-like here at AT and many other sites as well.  I never really took these seriously as more parody than anything else.  But in the last two years, the evidence has been mounting.  His bowing to foreign leaders, his wanton vacations or golfing and basketball pickup games while the nation suffers the blight of this economy, accepting the nomination in front of Greek columns and all the rest of it.  Up until this last Saturday it only caused me to think of the President as a narcissist; not much more to him than that.

Not that a narcissistic President is a good thing.  It just centers our focus of the problem of Mr. Obama.

Last night's White House Correspondent's Dinner seemed to cement not our President, but our King for me.

For the most part, President's Obama's "stand-up" at the lectern at the dinner was a bad Saturday Night Live skit from the 1980's.  Sure he took it to his potential opponents like Mr. Trump and Mr. Romney like the partisan President he is, notwithstanding his campaign promises to the contrary.  The complete YouTube video of his "stand-up" is here

After "joking" [mostly lame] about Mr. Trump's efforts concerning the birth certificate, the President presents a video of his "live birth." 

[See video at 2:27].  Surprise!  It's the presentation of Simba in the opening scenes of Disney's The Lion King.  It is the lion kitten Simba. 

He is anointed and held aloft, the animals bow to their new future King and the clouds part spraying the future King with the bright sunlight of destiny and succession.  Like, I'm sure the President imagines, we all bowed to him at his inauguration on January 20, 2009.  The heir apparent of the Democratic party since his speech before the convention delegates in 2004.  "The King!  Long live the King! Born on August 4, 1961!" [Note his birth date inserted into the video].  I'm certain that was in the President's mind that we peasants would be shouting....well, at least the White House correspondents at the dinner last night and to be sure they were.

In the President's defense, he did point out to the Fox News table that it was a "joke."  Was it really?

It's that "change" thing again for me.  I'm an attorney.  I have taken classes in constitutional history and law as an under graduate and as a law student.  As a practicing attorney, we don't stray from the constitution unless the Supreme Court has dictated otherwise.  But in all of this, the one true fact is, as Americans, we reject the concept of a monarchy.  There are no Kings here in America.  There are only other citizens that we elect to represent the will of the people in our

Republican Democracy or in other words, a representative democracy.  

Each of us meeting the qualifications of a House member or Senator or President is eligible to represent us all among ourselves and before the other international states of the world.

Though a constitutional lecturer..well at least part time....Mr. Obama of all people should know and understand this very basic concept of American government.  He obviously does not.  So what's the answer to him then?

We know little of his background except we know now he was born in the United States of America.  We do know this too, however.  He is a narcissist of the highest order.  He actually believes he is a King with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto.  And he proves it in every speech, every non-Congressionally approved appointment of a Czar, every executive order ignoring Congress and in every bow and move that he makes on or off Air Force One.  His arrogance shown since January

2009 is simply beyond the pale; yet not for a King.  After all, arrogance is the birth right of a monarch.  And we good animals of the African velt must bow to his highness, King Obama of Hawaii as he protects us by leading from behind.

I understand now why our founders had no time for Kings.  And why I have no time for his highness.

Michael Harlin is a simple commoner and Attorney at Law