Obama and Ahmadinejad: Increasing the chances of the 12th Imam

The truly horrifying consequence of Obama's proposal to push Israel back to the 1967 borders would be to greatly increase the chances of Ahmadinejad's dream coming true; a huge conflict that would bring about the return of the 12th Imam.  Well, the Imam won't come but the war will be bad enough. With the 1967 borders Israel would have to be ready to fight an all out war with little or no warning.  That will lead to a hair trigger response by the Israelis to any perceived threat.  That's what happened in 1967 when Israel launched a preemptive strike against the Arabs.If one believes the Arabs' claims that that attack was unjustified -- i.e., the Arabs weren't trying to attack Israel -- then it is clear proof that the 1967 borders can lead to unnecessary wars.By trying to coerce Israel to accept borders that provide no strategic buffer while the Palestinians and their allies, like Ahmadinejad, are calling for the destruction of Israel Obama is (presumably...(Read Full Post)