Muslim-raised Jessica Mokdad Might Have Wished She Grew Up Like Katy Perry - In a Christian Home

20-year-old Jessica Mokdad is dead.  Her stepfather Rahim Alfetlawi shot Jessica in the head while she was at her grandmother's Michigan home.  Alfetlawi was upset that Jessica was not living by strict Muslim customs, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and so he killed her this past Saturday. 

Meanwhile, in an upcoming Vanity Fair article, singer Katy Perry complains of not having a "childhood" because she was raised in a Christian home.  Perry is riding the top of the music charts and making tons of money singing songs like "Teenage Dream" and "Hot N Cold," having escaped the clutches of her Bible-believing minister Mom. 

Katy, it seems, has eschewed her Christian roots and is slowly embracing her husband Russell Brand's Hindu beliefs.   

It's nice that Katy has that option.  Jessica might have wished she grew up in a Christian home when her stepfather put that gun to her head and pulled the trigger.