Finally, Once Again, America's President Is Feared

How ‘bout this guy Obama?

Have you noticed? This guy kills people.  In the name of the United States.

Consider: the Somali pirates, targets of CIA drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now Osama bin Laden.

All those nice words in Cairo and Berlin?  Civil jury trials for the Guantanamo detainees? No enhanced interrogation techniques, no rendition?


Finally, once again, the American President is feared.


It's about time.

Welcome to the fight, sir. Wouldn't this be a good time to send an American supercarrier (or two) and her battle group into the Med, to encourage Gaddafi and Assad to pack up their bags for Venezuela? And to free the Israelis to settle Hezbollah and Hamas' hash?

You'll be surprised, sir, at the enhanced effect your mere words will now have.

Congratulations on becoming the Leader of the Free World. Please keep acting like it.
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