Michelle O Invites Rapper to Join 'In Your Face Club'

Michelle Obama declared on numerous occasions the White House would be "the people's house" after her husband was elected. Whose people?The First Lady invited the Chicago-born rapper "Common" (aka Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.) to DC for a Wednesday evening poetry event. Common joins Mrs. Obama's ‘in your face' club which includes her "favorites" like singer Beyonce. The 39-year old Grammy winning rapper/actor has been a member of the Obamas'  Trinity United Church of Christ for most of his life. Pastor Wright's anti-white, anti-America sermons surely influenced the youngster's linguistic prowess. Michelle must feel right at home with the avowed Christian Mr. Common. These lyrics to "Rich Man vs. Poor Man" could have been written after hearing a Sunday homily: (profanity alert)But the white man didn't care, shit he didn't have to wear it (uh ha) He scratched that pad he got from his parents, with his tight ass He would of been poor white...(Read Full Post)