India denounces US military aid to Pakistan - again

Since the partition in 1947, the US has largely played an honest broker's role in the conflict between India and Pakistan. Even when India's "non-aligned" governments of the 70's and 80's tilted decidedly toward the Soviet Union, on issues like ownership of the Kashmir, the US refused to take sides. This was due to the strategic position occupied by Pakistan as first, a key ally of China who the US was seeking to build better relations, then as a frontline state against Soviet aggression in Afghanistan.But with India emerging as an economic superpower in Asia, and Pakistan falling further into extremist Islam, it may be time to begin to re-evaluate the strategic equation. We have been supplying Pakistan's military with sophisticated weapons that India says are being used against them. Our support is also apparently enabling the ISI and military to work with terrorists who kill Indian citizens. And India's patience is growing short. Reuters: India has again denounced U.S....(Read Full Post)