At What Point is Spiking the Football Excessive Celebration?

Following a brief stint as Commander-in-Chief, Obama is back to his old playbook -- Alinsky's oldies but goodies playing over and over on the progressive turntable -- snidely framing Republicans and nearly anyone who dares question illegal immigration, as racist.  Like déjà vu all over again -- be it sipping slurpees on the side of the road, teabaggers and bitter clingers, or alligators in the moat -- the only thing missing is capping off his latest insults with an ill-timed round of golf.When an irreverent egoist tells Americans not to spike the football, and then proceeds to brazenly do so over and over again, it isn't just rude; it isn't just ironic, or even utterly predictable.  In this case, it isn't just a pretense of manliness or military acumen.It's cover.  Because the fact is Obama doesn't seem to object to terrorism all that much when it comes to advancing his socioeconomic revolution.   If he really wanted to thwart terrorism, he...(Read Full Post)