Trump and Obama's Brittle Narrative

More thoughts on Donald Trump (in light of Mark Levin's Friday program on Trump's various opinions of presidents), and my AT article yesterday.I received a good bit of mail yesterday on the Mark Levin show, regarding former statements of Trump's.  These seeming Trump flip-flops were also featured on the Drudge Report.  I also listened to Trump on Rush's show yesterday.I must confess, as I hoped to at the start of my article yesterday, that I really do not know nearly all there is to know about Donald Trump.  And, of course, I follow Mark Levin faithfully, as I, too, regard his voice as one of the most thoughtful and accurate of our age.  From what I have been able to gather, Donald Trump has not been, through the course of his life, a particularly ideological, nor what many of us would consider a fervent patriot or political observer.  And, from what I have observed myself, Trump has a known proclivity for speaking his mind with nary an ounce of regard for...(Read Full Post)