The Porous Pay Wall at The New York Times

For those who want information to be free -- or at least pay the media the value of the product they provide -- here are a few ways to pay the New York Times the fair value of what they provide: zero.Their ballyhooed "pay wall" (reportedly costing them tens of millions of dollars to develop) has some Swiss cheese holes that allow easy entry. Normally, you get twenty free articles a month and then an annoying big banner comes down that blocks most of your view. The banner informs you that your limit has been reached and you can pick various payment options that allow you to read more. But there are ways you can tunnel through the wall that are easier than some of the software solutions that have been bouncing around the internet. The easy way is just to use different computers (including iPads) in your home. Each one gets a "free ride" of the aforementioned 20 articles.The next flaw in the wall is that you can still follow links to New York Times articles that are...(Read Full Post)