The Bookworm Turns

Many readers of American Thinker are familiar with the work of Bookworm, who has contributed many articles here, and whose blog Bookworm Room is a steady source of insightful commentary. A thoughtful conservative trapped in deep blue Marin County, California, Bookworm writes with the critical faculties of a lawyer and the sensitivity of a literary critic. She also has a delightfully dry sense of humor.Word now comes that Bookworm has published a new e-book, available on Amazon: The Bookworm Turns. The twenty chapters cover a wide array of topics, including Obama, Race, the Middle East, Hollywood, Islam, and what went wrong in the Bay Area. For a very reasonable $4.99, one can download the e-book and enjoy hours and hours of great reading.I confess that Bookworm is a friend, but her writing is such that I would recommend this even if she weren't. Nobody else combines sensitive consideration of relationships, family, values, politics, and culture more artfully than Bookworm.(Read Full Post)