Stay out of it, General

David Petraeus commands the US troops in Afghanistan, and if he wishes to order them to conduct themselves in a given manner in regard to a book -- any book -- that is the commander's prerogative.General Petraeus, however, does not command the American People.Even the President of the United States does not command the American People.The US Constitution commands the American People.Furthermore, unlike a soldier -- who effectively relinquishes his First Amendment rights upon induction, and for the duration of his military service -- a US private citizen retains his civil liberties uninterruptedly and for as long as he remains a non-felonious, citizen.  The Constitution guarantees that -- and said guarantee is protected in perpetuity by armed troops who willingly forego some of their own rights to provide, with their very lives, the protection which the Bill of Rights guarantees to the American citizenry and to its cherished, honored and celebrated liberties.  That's how that...(Read Full Post)