On This We Stand

We must clearly articulate the precise philosophical doctrine of the Tea Party.Classical Liberalism, the political philosophy of The Founding Fathers, has yielded incredible planet-wide improvements in the human condition.  Few politicians (and nearly no academics) understand this, nor are they able to articulate this truth in a meaningful way.  Such is the theme of this speech, authored by me and given today at a Tea Party rally in Hanover, Pennsylvania (video here):Given a forthright chronicle of man's history, both ancient and modern, we must somberly recognize that human liberty has been the exception, and not the norm.  Often, governments have ruled over the people by fear, and nations have lived under tyranny.  Today, millions of people still live under cruel regimes which deny them their basic natural rights. In Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-One, British historian Arnold Toynbee completed his epic work "A Study of History", a twelve volume colossus...(Read Full Post)