Obama's Deceit

Okay, I have had it with this President's blatant dishonesty. His speech today was appallingly deceitful and misleading.  This President, has spent more money and added more debt than any other President in history.  This is not political rhetoric, this is simply fact! Barack Obama's budget deficit in March of 2011 was larger than the deficit for all of 2007! According to Obama's 2012 Budget Proposal, under Historical Tables, the budget deficit under George Bush first peaked in 2004 at $412 billion dollars.  Between 2005 and 2007 the budget deficit declined by $252 billion to reach its low, under Bush, at $160 billion.  If the tax cuts and wars, both occurring in 2001 and 2003, caused our current financial situation, how did the deficit fall between 2004 to 2007?  Because Tax Cuts increase revenue to the government by allowing people and business to invest more of their own money.  As people invest they conduct taxable transactions which bring in...(Read Full Post)