Nader calls for primary challengers to Obama

Discontent on the left with President Obama is finally moving toward some form of primary challenge. Jennifer Epstein of Politico writes:Nader told POLITICO on Wednesday that he is working on bringing together about half a dozen presidential candidates who could "dramatically expand a robust discussion within the Democratic Party and among progressive voters across the country." Each would focus on a specific issue where the far left says Obama hasn't done enough, including the environment, labor and health care.Nader, who has run for president five times as an independent or third party candidate - including his 2000 run on the Green ticket, which some Democrats say cost Al Gore the election - said that for next year, he believes an ideologically based, multi-candidate primary challenge would be the best way to pull Obama to the left ahead of the second term he believes Republicans will not be able to stop.  (snip)Nader suggested that Jim Hightower,...(Read Full Post)