Graph for the Day for April 2, 2011

"As the Recovery Act crossed the one year mark, newspaper editorial boards across the country took a good, hard look at the program and weighed in on its impact.  From the St. Petersburg Times' evaluation that ‘One year later, stimulus shows results in Florida' to the Philadelphia Inquirer's verdict that ‘the stimulus rescued America,' consensus is growing that the Recovery Act has pulled us back from the brink of economic disaster and is working to create jobs and drive economic growth.  These editorials join a growing chorus of independent experts who say the Recovery Act is already responsible for as many as 2.1 million jobs nationwide and provide a look at how the Recovery Act is at work in communities across the country."  White House web site, February 2010.Sources:  Geoff, via AoSHQ, and the St. Louis Fed/FRED.Hoven's Index for April 2, 2011Jobs lost since the stimulus was passed (Feb. 2009 to Mar. 2011):  2,099,000Percentage gain...(Read Full Post)