Formed in the fire

I don't know that any of them are going to win the Republican nomination, but I do know that contenders from those northern liberal bastions like Minnesota and Wisconsin that grew inexplicably out of those hardy, self-sufficient Viking communities that first populated their regions, are impressing me. Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachman, Paul Ryan and Wisconsin's incredibly gutsy young governor, Scott Walker, are setting standards for political courage that should become a required course for conservative Republicans across the country. Out of two states that have been so historically Democrat, progressive and union-dominated that you would never guess a conservative could be elected, the common-sense folks of Wisconsin and Minnesota have delivered an impressive group of young Republican conservatives who are inordinately dominating the national political scene. And yes, I can get away with referring to the 55 year-old Michelle Bachman as young because I'm many years her senior. She's...(Read Full Post)