Did Breitbart Sharpen Palin's Message

A few days ago, I admit I sort of rolled my eyes as I glanced over Sarah Palin's remarks about a "servant's heart" and how she would weigh her options on running  for President based on whether or not she saw that quality in any other candidate.Now as one of the very early scribes to the whole pro-Sarah Palin movement, these words deeply disappointed.  It's not that I disagree with the concept of a "servant's heart" per se -- and as a Christian I am well aware of the Biblical underpinnings.  It's just that in these times, what is called for is more of an old Testament warrior king kicking than a New Testament disciple servant.  The instant traction gained in the past couple of years by Chris Christie and Donald Trump has nothing to do with a servant's heart at all.  They have inspired because they have boldly led troops into rhetorical battle by firing the first shots and absorbing the first slings and arrows.This is exactly what we...(Read Full Post)