America Cannot 'Afford' President Obama's Policies

President Obama is intent on making the GOP compromise with his policies on the budget, and his rationale is that a shutdown would be terrible for the economy. As Reuters reports: "President Barack Obama Tuesday warned that the U.S. economy could not afford the disruption that a government shutdown could inflict..." President Obama is mistaken in saying the U.S economy cannot "afford" a government shutdown. What the U.S economy really cannot afford is a continuation of his policies that are destroying the private sector. Much like statists from the past, his policies are fighting prosperity in every way possible. In an article entitled "The Rise of American Big Government: A Brief History of How We Got Here" in The Objective Standard, Michael Dahlen writes: "The major difference between the Great Depression and all prior downturns -what made the depression so severe and lengthy-was massive government intervention. Ad hoc intervention bred...(Read Full Post)