Aircraft Carrier For Sale Or Rent

An article in today's London Telegraph  ("HMS Ark Royal Put Up for Sale on ‘Military eBay' ") reports that UK's MoD website is offering Great Britain's just-mothballed aircraft carrier, the Ark Royal, and three Royal Navy destroyers for sale to the highest bidder. Maybe the Chinese will buy them. After all, they've got the money.It's not a joke. Tony Blair has been saying for a while now that China's rise -- and a more general shift of global power to Asia -- is the central geopolitical fact of the early 21st century. He's right  But I would argue that a conscious decision by Western elites to acquiesce in that shift is of at least equal significance.As Lenin said: "[p]robe with bayonets. If you encounter mush, proceed. If you encounter steel, withdraw." Lenin's heirs in Peking have to be pleased.Exhibit One is NATO's so-far anemic effort in Libya. Wouldn't, the British press has asked, the Ark Royal have come in handy in evacuating British citizens...(Read Full Post)