Wisconsin's useful idiots

“You’re an effing liar!  You’re all effing liars,” said the school teacher in the little red Kia as he sped away.  All I could do is smile, waive and laugh as he drove off, revealing the Obama/Biden ’08 bumper sticker.    When the young man pulled into the “Recall Wirch” petition “drive through” site on Hwy 50 in Kenosha, Wisconsin Saturday afternoon, I approached his car and said “Hi, how are you doing today?”  What followed was a fascinating exchange in which I was told to “get an effing job,” was called an “illiterate moron,” and a “fascist.”  When I told my young friend that I did indeed have a job and asked if he did as well, he told me that he was a public school teacher.   Sensing a break in my new pal’s tirade, I asked him if he was aware that the Communist Party was actively supporting the public sector union’s battle ...(Read Full Post)