Wisconsin's useful idiots

“You’re an effing liar!  You’re all effing liars,” said the school teacher in the little red Kia as he sped away.  All I could do is smile, waive and laugh as he drove off, revealing the Obama/Biden ’08 bumper sticker. 


When the young man pulled into the “Recall Wirch” petition “drive through” site on Hwy 50 in Kenosha, Wisconsin Saturday afternoon, I approached his car and said “Hi, how are you doing today?”  What followed was a fascinating exchange in which I was told to “get an effing job,” was called an “illiterate moron,” and a “fascist.”  When I told my young friend that I did indeed have a job and asked if he did as well, he told me that he was a public school teacher.


Sensing a break in my new pal’s tirade, I asked him if he was aware that the Communist Party was actively supporting the public sector union’s battle against the tax-payers.  The dedicated young educator then spewed an expletive laden monologue in wont of reason.  While he was further engaged in a flurry of hand signals I asked him to check out www.cpusa.com, the official website of the Communist Party or www.peoplesworld.com.  At that juncture our conversation came to an abrupt halt.


Thankfully the young school teacher with the winning personality was one of only three union agitators who assailed our petition “drive through” event during our four hour shift.  The question remains, was I really lying about the Communist Party’s support of the union protesters in Wisconsin?


According to Peoples World:


As tens of thousands continue to take to the streets nationwide to stop the ultra-right Republican assault on workers’ rights, democracy, public education, health care and vital social services, the Communist Party is in the mix, say its members.


In fact, Communist Party members are working in coalition with other progressive groups in helping lead many of the local fight back efforts.


Sounding strangely similar to Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste” philosophy:


Moments like this, say CPUSA leaders, call for a special emphasis on building the people’s movement, the Communist Party and Young Communist League-which is the aim of the “1st Annual CPUSA National Conference,” to be held at the Unity Center in New York, April 16-17.


As the remainder of the shift passed by without incident our small group of volunteers were treated to the well wishes and friendship of a continuing stream of like-minded patriots seeking to recall State Senator (and “fleebagger”) Bob Wirsch.  One of the folks who visited at our site was a middle-aged school teacher who drove in from a neighboring town to sign the petition.  Sadly this public school teacher didn’t want to risk being seen signing the recall petition in her own community for fear of reprisal. 


As the far-left protesters continue to intimidate and threaten those who wish to exercise their First Amendment right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” I am reminded of something that “Dave the Marine” said to me while signing the petition on Saturday, “These damn protesters in Madison remind me of the spoiled college punks who screwed us during Viet Nam, and I can tell you first hand the Viet Cong loved them.”  Then as now, the communists love their useful idiots.


March 14, 2011



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