The Good Scouts of Cary Illinois

What ever happened to the good old days when people in your neighborhood pitched in and helped one another?  Remember when local businesses were part of the very fabric of the community?  Was there really a time when the chief of police reminded you just a little bit of Sheriff Andy Taylor?  Those days are gone forever, or are they?   The Daily Herald reports:   Troop 1347 spent Saturday morning selling cookies outside the Walgreens at 500 Northwest Hwy.  But as the girls were packing up at the end of their shift, the cookie money disappeared.  Lynn Rodgers, one of the four troop leaders, said the theft happened during a transition period as another troop was arriving for its own shift.   Word of the theft quickly spread around town and then something extraordinary happened.  On Monday morning Cary Police Chief Steven Casstevens gave the troop his personal check for $417 to reimburse them for the money that was stolen.  An ...(Read Full Post)