The case of the missing Iranian nuclear threat in new NIE

They are going to dub this National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, "The Ostrich." There really is no other way to describe the myopia of our intel people as they once again play politics with intelligence on Iran.It appears the new NIE has dropped all references to Iran's nuclear bomb making program. The Washington Times: An annual intelligence report to Congress has dropped language stating that Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions are a future option.The revision comes as U.S. intelligence agencies recently altered a controversial 2007 intelligence assessment that said Iran halted work on nuclear arms in 2003 and was keeping open its options for building an atomic weapon.The deleted language also had stated for two years that Iran was keeping open the option to build atomic weapons. However, the latest report to Congress, which was made public Feb. 23, no longer states that Iran's building a weapon is an option.A U.S. official insisted there was no "sleight-of-hand"...(Read Full Post)