Romney's Big Political Hurdle

Conventional political wisdom cites Romneycare as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's biggest hurdle to the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination.  But it's not.If Romney becomes a candidate, Romneycare will, obviously, be an issue he'll need to address in order to become a leading, if not the leading, Republican candidate. But it's not an insurmountable hurdle, nor is it necessarily destined to be a drag on his potential campaign.  In fact, it could become a plus.  Here's how.In the context of explaining why he signed the Massacheusetts 2006 health care reform bill, prolonged discussions as to his motives, and how Romneycare compares to Obamacare, will wear thin, and soon. And, talk that devolves into a wonkish discussion that parses the pros-and-cons of the two initiatives will leave yawning voters with glazed eyes.  Romney's best approach is that of the reformed addict -- someone who, once addicted to a substance or an ideology, speaks with enhanced...(Read Full Post)