Ray Nagin clone in the White House

Forty-eight hours or so before Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, I wrote Thomas Lifson here at American Thinker and predicted, as it turned out, very accurately, the scenario that would unfold in New Orleans. That insight was based upon my having lived there briefly back in the 70's. Briefly, because of all the places we have lived in our lives, New Orleans was the one site my wife and I couldn't get out of soon enough. We had been totally naive when offered a corporate transfer there. Expecting an Old South city, we quickly learned that we were in more like some New York City Borough/South. Crime, filth, rampant government/police corruption and a widespread, daily-encountered rudeness we'd never experienced anywhere else in the South, drove us quickly to a move to Pensacola at the first opportunity. So what does this all have to do with now? I followed the Katrina event very closely, being one of the first to breach the dike of political correctness and criticize Mayor Ray...(Read Full Post)