Playing taxpayers for suckers

One of numerous ways taxpayers are being ripped off by public employees is through phony "retirement" schemes that enable the employee to collect a fat pension in addition to continuing to work and receive salary and benefits. The "retirement" pay becomes, in effect, a huge pay increase, one usually linked to inflation.  This "double-dipping" is not uncommon when taxpayers are on the hook, but exceedingly rare in the private sector. Quite clearly, the politicians who sign such contracts are, in collusion with the employees (and their unions), playing the taxpayers for suckers.The newest poster boy for the outrageous (but contractually legal) practice is Phoenix School Superintendant Carlos Bejarano. Craig Harris of the Arizona Republic reports:Phoenix's Isaac School District, which plans to shutter schools and lay off employees because of money problems, will let Superintendent Carlos Bejarano retire June 30 and return to his same job - with the same...(Read Full Post)