Obama's commitment to fight anti-Semitism questioned

Barack Obama faced criticism during the campaign when videos came to light showing the pastor of his church, Jeremiah Wright, spewing anti-Israel invective. Wright was also close friends and had his church give an award to the nation's worst anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan ( Wright later made explicit anti-Semitic comments about "Jews" keeping him from Barack Obama). Also, Barack Obama was one of the "million" during Louis Farrakhan Million Man March on Washington. Obama was in full campaign mode and fended off these charges by boldly stating that:[N]obody has spoken out more fiercely on the issue of anti- Semitism than I have.To which ABC News journalist, Jake Tapper, responded mockingly: "Really? No one? Elie Wiesel? Simon Wiesenthal? Alan Dershowitz? No one? Wow. How is that fight against anti-Semitism going? Well, he picked Hannah Rosenthal as his head of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Rosenthal has been critical of Israel and American...(Read Full Post)