Obama's Actions Are Legal - So Far

There seems to be a lot of dialogue on AmericanThinker over how Obama's actions amount to an illegal war and, even, calling for his impeachment. I should point out that I am no Obama fan. In the spirit of open and honest discussion, however, I am not entirely sure why people adopt this position (besides an understandable desire to see Obama kicked-out).  Nonetheless, it seems to me that his actions have been legal, and in compliance with the US Constitution, UN Charter and War Powers Act. Two things, it seems, need to be highlighted:Firstly, does President Obama need to seek the consent of Congress to make forces available at the request of the UN Security Council? This was tested in 1945 and it has become something of US precedent that the authorisation from Congress is not needed to enforce Article 42 of the UN Charter. The United Nations Participatory Act (UNPA) contains Article 6 which says:The President shall not be deemed to require the authorization of the Congress to make...(Read Full Post)