Obama treats whistleblowers as if they were enemies of the state

President Obama betrays his promise of transparency once again: a whistleblower who spilled the goods regarding politicization of the Department of Homeland Security suddenly finds herself marginalized in an all too transparent move to have her quit.The Washington Examiner reports:Catherine Papoi was the deputy unit chief for the DHS office that processed Freedom of Information Act requests. She told the DHS inspector general that Obama's political appointees were improperly interfering with the agency's FOIA response process, including those submitted by journalists and members of Congress. Not long afterward, Papoi found herself out of a job. She was still being paid at her old rate, but her title and office were taken by somebody else who was approved by one of the political appointees who Papoi claimed interfered with the department's FOIA responses. DHS officials denied retaliating against Papoi and cited as proof the fact that her grade and pay were unchanged. But that's the way...(Read Full Post)