Idiot global warming fanatics blame earthquake on climate change

I remember after the Indonesia earthquake and Tsunami that some moonbat liberals over at Democratic Underground blamed the catastrophe on the US, claiming we had invented an earthquake machine and Tsunami generator to kill the brown people of the world.That was topped by one of the posters on the thread (long since deleted) that global warming was the cause of the quake. It seems that Gaia was so distraught because we were ignoring the problem that she caused the quake to remind us who's in charge on planet earth.This was topped by a report last year - generated by climate change scientists - that because the ice sheets of the world were melting, the earth's crust "bounced back" from the weight being lifted and this causes more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.That's right - they are saying that global warming causes earthquakes.Some poor global warming religionist posted yesterday on this nutty idea. He was hammered so badly that he changed the article and headline. But...(Read Full Post)