High Speed Delusion

Last Tuesday, March 22nd,  saw two Obama high speed rail shills, hapless Illinois Governor Quinn and the loyal, ebullient,  camera centric Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, shamelessly announcing with pride, the next phase of the so called Chicago to St Louis High Speed Rail project. The new $1.2 billion phase is to run from Bloomington, IL to Dwight IL, a distance of 58.5 miles of what could only be described as the "Billion Dollar Train to Nowhere." Folks, that amounts to a mere $20,618,556 per mile, with an estimated heart stopping speed of 110 mph. Google Map estimates driving between these destinations to be 1 hour 10 minutes. This breakthrough rail line will take only 32 minutes, assuming your actual destination in either Bloomington or Dwight is the train station itself. A guess: a remote train stop would not be your final travel objective.  Consequently one must add some time to travel to the train station at both ends of the journey to calculate total...(Read Full Post)