Fukushima And The Truth?

My wife and I have vacationed on Waikiki in Hawaii several times and always stayed at the same hotel.  Country folk ourselves, we enjoyed starting each day with an early morning hike up into the bustle of the main boulevard and on the way would thread our way through hundreds of Japanese families boarding tour buses in the underground parking garage of the adjacent mega-hotel.  A route we'd reverse late in the evening and watch those same fathers, mothers and children stumble off those same buses exhausted by an endless round of sightseeing stops.  Day after day after day.  The same families.I asked my Japanese daughter-in-law about this.  Why I wanted to know, after that first painful day of non-stop sightseeing didn't some of these families refuse to get on those buses and instead take the day off?  Walk along the beach, let the kids run in the beautiful parks and play in the turquoise surf?  Take a nap in the shade?"You can't do that"...(Read Full Post)