For Democrats, taxes are for other people

Does Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) have the same presidential aspirations as her colleague, Senator John Kerry (D-MA)? Well, she sure is acting like him. Last week she admitted that

she had used taxpayer dollars from her Senate office account to pay for nearly 90 flights on a private charter plane co-owned by McCaskill, her husband and other investors.

The purpose of one of the trips billed to taxpayers - a roundtrip flight between St. Louis and Hannibal in 2007 - was purely political in nature, a violation of Senate ethics rules.

And so she sat right down and wrote a check for nearly $90,000 to reimburse the government. She was so embarrassed.

This week, she was embarrassed again, admitting

that after her own review of the plane's records, she had not paid personal property taxes on the aircraft over the past four years.

"I have discovered that the personal property taxes on the plane have not been paid. There should have been a reporting to the county of the existence of this plane. There are people I could blame for this, but I know better. I take full responsibility," McCaskill said to reporters, after revealing she had conducted her own audit of all 89 flights she had taken.

"This was a mistake, It should have been reported in Missouri. It will be paid in Missouri today," she said.

And so she sat right down again and breezily wrote a check for

$287,273 to St. Louis County Monday for the back taxes she owed between 2007 and 2010.

Well, ok, these things do happen, do get overlooked even from a politician

citing her advocacy for transparency and accountability in Congress.


The National Republican Senatorial Committee just revealed a new video capitalizing on McCaskill's past statement where she said, "If my walk doesn't match my talk, shame on me and don't ever vote for me again."

Last summer, the very wealthy Kerry--and yes, many Democrats are very wealthy--reluctantly paid $500,000 in state taxes after it was revealed he docked his extremely luxurious foreign built yacht in neighboring, lower taxed Rhode Island thus evading the higher home state Massachusetts taxes.

Now if you or I tried to evade personal taxes on our car or speedboat how much extra would we be fined by the Democrats who think nothing of taxing everything we own or do as they redistribute our wealth as they see fit?