Fast food medicine in Canada

When Obamacare was only a fantasy in the mind of a President with far-fetched ideas, I'd joke: "If government-run healthcare ever manifests, Americans can look forward to a complimentary Big Gulp with a throat culture at 7-11." Who would have thought the outrageously absurd would become an actual option? Take, for instance, Canadian doctor Alan Lund realizing an "end of life" discussion he was having needed a more private location. Dr. Lund's creative solution gives credence to Washington DC eventually being capable of instituting a low quality, cost-cutting bureaucratic package by mandating that filing taxes be done while getting an annual physical. Before discussing where Lund's dying patient ended up, maybe Americans should contemplate a potential Obamacare nightmare:  For lack of a hospital bed, you expire in a waiting room on a stretcher, with Family Guy blaring on the overhead flat screen as a roomful of moderate to deathly ill people try not to...(Read Full Post)