Bullying really isn't what it used to be

Bullying really isn't what it used to be.  Gone are the days of kicking sand, and sticking gum in schoolgirls' braids.  The modern bully is far more passive aggressive in his harassment.  Creating the damage, cursing the falsely accused, and then cleaning up his own mess as onlookers praise the compassion.  Kind of like blaming others for our fiscal mess as you bankrupt the country; or calling for civility, as you demonize your ‘opponent.'  So, it would be laughable if not so apropos that the man who put the bully in bully pulpit hosted yesterday's "Conference on Bullying" at the White House, along with the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services, and a cast of progressive characters -- bullying Senator, Al Franken, gay activist, Dan Savage, and AFL-CIO member and President of the American Federation of Teachers, to name a few. The Obama's even recorded a lovely public service announcement (Facebook.com/StopBullying.gov)...(Read Full Post)