Another smear against Rep. King by the former 'paper of record'

It's not surprising, but it is another blood-boiling instance of the self-proclaimed "paper of record" acting more like the propaganda organ for the left wing of the Democratic Party than a legitimate news venue.Just a day after a very strongly worded editorial slam at Congressman Peter King over his committee's planned hearings into the radicalization of domestic Muslim community members, the Gray Lady follows up with a two-pronged smear attack.Right on the front page of the March 9 edition, the paper ran an article headlined: "For Lawmaker Examining Terror, a Pro-I.R.A. Past."  Reporter Scott Shane, reaching back into the past some 30-plus years, advises readers:As Mr. King, a Republican, rose as a Long Island politician in the 1980s, benefiting from strong Irish-American support, the I.R.A. was carrying out a bloody campaign of bombing and sniping, targeting the British Army, Protestant paramilitaries and sometimes pubs and other civilian gathering...(Read Full Post)