drops Illinois affiliates in the wake of internet tax

Last Thursday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the "Mainstreet Fairness Bill" and immediately imposed new taxes on all online retailers with business partners in the state. For the Democrats in charge, passing the largest tax hike in the Prairie State's history this past January, adding the equivalent of $1,600 per year to the average personal income tax bill, was apparently not enough of an assault on those of us who still - albeit foolishly - live in financially and politically bankrupt Illinois.  Rather than place the burden for cleaning up the state's budgetary mess only on physical residents of Illinois, Governor Quinn and a totally complicit legislature (Republicans included) have now forcefully enlisted the help of innocent outsiders. The new legislation requires internet stores, even those without a single outlet in the state, collect and remit taxes for all sales made through their Illinois-based affiliates. Doing so purportedly...(Read Full Post)